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View of the Town from "Hill of Three Crosses"
The town of Kazimierz Dolny, situated on the Lublin plateau, lies on the right bank of the river Vistula on its way to the Baltic. The Kazimierz Dolny community includes the town and 14 Districts. The number of inhabitants is in the region of 7300, of whom 2300 reside in the town. The total community is spread over 72.5 sq. km and the town itself covers 30.4 sq.km. Becouse of its attractive position, its rich history, its picturesque medieval houses, wonderful architecture and kind climate, Kazimierz is known not only in Poland but also abroad as a sought after tourist center where guests can relax and enjoy their holidays. To serve them there are a number of hotels, boarding houses and restaurants.
Both the urban architecture as well as the attractive landscape of Kazimierz and the surrounding countryside have become well known in Poland and beyond its borders. In 1994 the President of the Polish Republic published a decree naming Kazimierz Dolny a centre of historical importance. The absence of industrial activites of any sort permitted flora and fauna to flourish and some rare species may be found in the area. To protect all these as well as the buildings, within Kazimierz was created, in 1979, a "Landscape Park" which includes the whole area of the Kazimierz community. Some nine important parts have been designated as nature reserves. One of them is called "Krowia Wyspa" /Cows Island/ and harbours a large breeding ground for water fowl of all sorts. In the park there are many footpaths which encourage visitors to walk around and enjoy the lovely views and the surroundings.
In the town centre around the market place and the adjacent streets, visitors can admire the renaissance buildings. From the "Baszta" /or Tower/, the ruins of the castle, and the "Hill of the Three Crosses", one can enjoy a panoramic view of the town, which fits in so well into the overall natural countryside and forms a harmonised entity. During the holiday season a number of performances take place such as the all Polish festival of orchestras and folk singers, concerts in the Parish Church, a vintage car rally, a film and art festival, a students` song festival and many other activites of a cultural-artistic character.
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